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Kenneth Rosenberg

582 E Graham Pl, Bloomington, IN, 47401


Ph.D., Mass Communications
Indiana University, 2020 (expected)
Major Advisor and Chair: Andrew Weaver, Ph.D.
Minor: Cognitive Science

M.A., Mass Communication
University of South Florida, 2011
Thesis: “Gaming Literacy: Construct Validation and Scale Construction”
Advisor: Scott Liu, Ph.D.
Specialization: Multimedia Journalism

B.A., Communication
University of South Florida, 2009
Thesis: “Bridging the Gap: Rock Band and Cultural Performativity”

Research Interests

Games and Learning

  • transformational play, identity work
  • procedural rhetoric
  • ethical game design and play

Media Studies

  • immersion, flow, transportation, telepresence
  • affective disposition theory
  • frustration and aggression
  • parasocial interaction


  • embodied cognition
  • moral judgment

Appointments and Employment

Star Trek: Meanings and Messages – Spring 2019

  • instructor of record at Indiana University
  • course developed for Collins Living-Learning Center
  • multidisciplinary: psychology, cultural studies

Introduction to Visual Communication – Spring 2018

  • taught students how to use DSLR cameras
  • tutorials for Abode design software on Friday sessions
  • weekly quizzes, assignments; three large multimedia projects

Fundamentals of Public Speaking – Fall 2016, Spring and Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Summer 2018, Fall 2018

  • instructor of record at Ivy Tech Bloomington
  • two sections each semester
  • in-person lectures, online exams, eight speeches

Introduction to Production Techniques and Practices – Fall 2016 and Spring 2017

  • taught students to use audiovisual equipment
  • taught basic production process and editing skills
  • helped students prepare short studio and field videos

Technician, Markey’s Rental and Staging – Summer 2016

  • set up audiovisual equipment for clients
  • learned basic production practices on a team

Projectionist, IU Cinema – Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

  • screened movies in a variety of formats
  • cleaned and maintained high-end video equipment

Introduction to Production and Storytelling – Fall 2014, Spring 2015, Fall 2018

  • graded weekly projects
  • led weekly feedback sessions
  • helped students prepare a well-rounded pre-production portfolio

Media Life – Spring 2014 and Spring 2013

  • graded papers, proctored exams, held office hours
  • taught weekly breakout discussion sessions

Industry and Management – Fall 2013

  • graded bi-weekly posts and a few projects
  • organized a class for semester-long group work

gradspace@IUtel – Spring and Fall 2012

  • brainstormed stories for the department’s blog
  • interviewed graduate students, faculty, and staff
  • wrote stories, took pictures, shot video

Video Game Industry – Fall 2011

  • graded weekly homework assignments
  • helped instructor assist students

Mass Communication and Society – Fall 2010, Spring and Summer 2011

  • graded tests, taught once-weekly breakout session
  • instructor of record for the Summer 2011 semester

Conference Presentations

  • Zhou, Y., Paul, B. & Rosenberg, K. (2017). Relationship between pornography viewing and objectification towards men and women. Paper presented at annual meeting of International Communication Association, San Diego
  • Rosenberg (2015) Games Learning and Society conference at University of Wisconsin-Madison — “He was the most… human: Ethical play in Doki Doki Universe”
  • Rosenberg (2014) Games Learning and Society conference at University of Wisconsin-Madison — “Start with the guts, go for the head: A Well Played paper on The Walking Dead”

Conference Posters

  • (2011) Game Behind the Video Game conference at Rutgers — “Flow and Gaming: A Qualitative Analysis”


  • (2016) Rourke Educational Media — “STEAM Jobs in Game Development”

Invited Lectures

  • (2017) TEL 101: Media Life — “Game Design”
  • (2013) TEL 101: Media Life — “Games and Learning”

Service to the Department

  • Professional Development Chair, Media School Graduate Association (2017-18)
  • writer for the department’s graduate student blog (2012-13)
  • departmental ambassador for prospective students and faculty
  • bringer and brewer of tea for colloquium (2011-12)

Service to the Field

  • reviewer for GLS 2015
  • reviewer for GLS 2014

Technical Skills

  • basic knowledge of Adobe editing software
  • moderate expertise with Microsoft Office


  • (2009) University Graduate Fellowship, USF
    • full tuition and stipend for one year
  • (2005-2009) USF Honors College


  • summer internship at Atlantic Productions
    • cutting, storing, and cataloging film reels

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